Come see us at Cosplay at the Capitol!

Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City
Photo credit: Missouri Division of Tourism

There are plenty of Fantasy Fair photos forthcoming, but it takes some time to process several hundred photos. In the meantime, fans in the mid-Missouri area can come see us again this Saturday (June 23) at 1:00 pm on the steps of the Missouri State Capitol.

Our good friends who are running Cosplacon 2013 are putting on a one-day preview, as it were, in Jefferson City. Come join several hundred cosplayers and costumers – any genre welcome – to mingle and chat and later dance in the evening rave they’ve got planned. The Luftsturm crew will be there, of course, with bells on.

More information at the Capital City Cosplay Facebook event.


Come to Fantasy Fair!

The Airship Luftsturm will be hosting the Fantasy Fair this very weekend at Boster Castle. Unfortunately the airship came to a less-than-soft landing (our helmswoman continues to insist she was only following the directions from our navigator) and so we are grounded for a while until we can get the darn thing fixed. At least the Time Machine is still in one piece.

It’s missing a few pieces in this picture, though.

Luckily for us, we landed in a weird and wonderful land of weird and wonderful people. Come join us at Fantasy Fair!

Fantasy Fair Facebook page

Fictional Luftsturm

Crew member Joe Myers (also known as Dr. Dominic Stark) has been working on schematics for the fictional Luftsturm – the one that covers multiple dimensions, traverses the timestream, etc. etc. – and it turns out it’s laid out kinda like a cruise ship. (No pool on Lido Deck, though.)

Besides the crew cabins, each crewmember has their own domain to hang out in*.

*or to brood in. We like brooding.

Fictional Luftsturm

Designed by Joe Myers

2011 Emerald City Steampunk Expo

November 4, 2011 – After a long and tiresome journey, the Mighty Airship Luftsturm finally arrived in Wichita, Kansas and found themselves amidst a crowd of fellow time travelers and airship crews! With Gunny, Stark, and Jade accompanied by the intrepid captain of the T.S. Maelstrom, Ruby Spitfire, the crew met many fine adventurers such as the legendary Airship Isabella, Airship Horizons, representatives from the Red Fork Empire, and the beautifully-crafted Airship Joker, as well as bearing witness to some incredible musical talent. With new alliances made and new friendships formed, it was almost a shame to go. However, there’s a multiverse to be saved, and the Luftsturm must be ever vigilant! Keep your eyes on the horizon, for who knows where the Luftsturm will end up next!

Steampunk R2D2 flabbergasting

What genre-crossing madness is this!?

Gunny and Ruby Spitfire at the dealer's table

Gunny and Ruby Spitfire at the dealer's table.

Crewmembers from the Airship Isabella, hailing from Texas

Crewmembers from the Airship Isabella, hailing from Texas.

Unwoman in performance

"Unwoman" in performance.

Airship props for Aeronautical Academy

Aeronautical Academy.

Dr. Stark and Clockwork Doll

Dr. Stark and Clockwork Doll

Laci Neal from the Nebraska Steampunk Society in a dress

Laci Neal from the Nebraska Steampunk Society.

2011 Archon, St. Louis

September 30, 2011 – The Mighty Airship Luftsturm landed in Collinsville, IL once again for Archon, a science-fiction convention held there every year. There, Quartermistress Lady Jade Summers, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stark, Captain Ludwig von Steelman, and Captain’s Assistant Mayo reunited with many old friends, including the legendary Bear of the Airship Kraken, where the crew was presented with gifts – pins that made them honorary members of the air pirate crew. Once again, the famous Slime Party was held in the Luftsturm’s quarters and despite a few setbacks, the crew showed their resilience and dedication, once again throwing fantastic festivities.

L-R: Lady Jade, Dr. Stark, Steelman, Mayo

2011 Columbia Heritage Festival

September 17, 2011 – The Luftsturm invaded the Columbia, Missouri Heritage Festival. We wandered the grassy lanes, admired the pioneer-era furs and jewelry, petted the goats, snacked on chicken, schlorped through mud, and generally did our thing.

L-R: Unknown, Sophie, Pippin, Lady Jade

And the Captain was pleased.

2011 Natsucon Panel

August 13, 2011 – The Captain, First Officer, and Navigator of the Airship Luftsturm hosted a panel on “Building Airships” at Natsucon, an anime convention in Collinsville, IL.

The panel was well received, and ACE even gained some new memberships from it.

L-R: Layla, Steelman, Mad Alchemist

2011 Kansas City Steampunk Social

JULY 16, 2011 – We landed the Airship Luftsturm at a tavern in Kansas City, called Davies Uptown Ramblers. There we met many individuals across the multiverse. We then found ourselves sharing drinks and tales from all sorts of interesting individuals, from gentlemen and gentleladys, Clockwork Cyborgs, and inventors of many levels of madness. We made new alliances with a few fledgling airships and other individuals of various character. They had live acts, from musicians to burlesque dancers.

Kansas City Steampunk Social

Steelman, Unknown, Z, Judge, Pippin, Gunny

Near the end of the evening they wanted to contest the best-dressed traveler at the event. Z, Judge, and myself entered with many others, and in the end the crowd decided that Judge was indeed the best-dressed gentleman of the evening. Judge grumbled about being paraded around on display, but his attitude changed when they presented him a cash reward. We successfully returned to home dock, and now we rest and prepare for the next adventure for the crew of the might Airship Luftsturm.

On a further note, I wish to thank G.E. Bailey for being a most gracious host, and hope to join together in other social events in Kansas City, as well with the rest of the Show-me Squadron territory.

–Captain von Steelman

2011 Worldwide Steampunk Day

July 10, 2011 – Airship Luftsturm, based out of Columbia MO, celebrated the Worldwide Steampunk “strut your stuff” Day by engaging in several festivities to help spread awareness of the genre and purpose of this holiday.

L-R: Back row: Z, Mad Alchemist, Steelman, Lady Jade. / Front row: Unknown, Sally Asher

Donning their best steampunk gear (that could be worn on a 100ºF day), the crew set out in the downtown area of Columbia, walking down the streets strutting their stuff. The crew also attended a performance of “The Complete Works of Shakespeare – Abridged” put on by 5th Wall Productions. Thereafter, the crew invaded the local Golden Corral, a buffet style restaurant.

The crew met many friendly members of the public, introducing them to what Steampunk is, and information on the local airship crew.

For more photos of our adventure, check out our
Facebook album.

2011 Steampunk/Pirate Fest

June 10, 2011 – The Mighty Airship Luftsturm made its debut at the Steampunk/Pirate Festival at Boster Castle in Kingdom City, MO. The airship was made a time machine, and the crew of the Luftsturm landed amidst a festival of pirates.

The crew greeted travelers and wanderers, warning them of the pirates lurking about and making an oath to protect the visitors from any pirate mayhem. They openly invited anyone interested to inspect the crash-landed time machine.

Captain Ludwig von Steelmann continuously invented new and strange devices in his sleep, while the broken Navigator tried to put the ship back on course. First Officer Judge and Gunnery Master McManus were the hired gun-hands, making sure there was no plundering of the ship.

L-R: Aura, Judge, Gunny, Steelman, Layla

Making the Airship Luftsturm

To glorious finish –

Photo credit: Jonathan Steffens