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Come to Fantasy Fair!

The Airship Luftsturm will be hosting the Fantasy Fair this very weekend at Boster Castle. Unfortunately the airship came to a less-than-soft landing (our helmswoman continues to insist she was only following the directions from our navigator) and so we are grounded for a while until we can get the darn thing fixed. At least the Time Machine is still in one piece.

It’s missing a few pieces in this picture, though.

Luckily for us, we landed in a weird and wonderful land of weird and wonderful people. Come join us at Fantasy Fair!

Fantasy Fair Facebook page


2011 Steampunk/Pirate Fest

June 10, 2011 – The Mighty Airship Luftsturm made its debut at the Steampunk/Pirate Festival at Boster Castle in Kingdom City, MO. The airship was made a time machine, and the crew of the Luftsturm landed amidst a festival of pirates.

The crew greeted travelers and wanderers, warning them of the pirates lurking about and making an oath to protect the visitors from any pirate mayhem. They openly invited anyone interested to inspect the crash-landed time machine.

Captain Ludwig von Steelmann continuously invented new and strange devices in his sleep, while the broken Navigator tried to put the ship back on course. First Officer Judge and Gunnery Master McManus were the hired gun-hands, making sure there was no plundering of the ship.

L-R: Aura, Judge, Gunny, Steelman, Layla