The Crew

The Essential Crew

The essential crew keeps the Mighty Airship Luftsturm in the air. They live on board, tending to the daily tasks of keeping an airship fully functional, as well as embarking on wondrous adventures!

Ludwig von Steelman, Captain

“So many people I have met through my travels have always asked, ‘Ludwig, where do you hail from?’

Not wishing to be elusive, I usually respond simply, “From the skies.” Most never understand what I mean by this. The truth is, they never bother asking the necessary question – and that would be, When are you from?

I wish my origin can be so simple – great comfort I would find if I could honestly answer, “Oh, my name is Ludwig von Steelman, I grew up in a small cottage, in some insignificant burg somewhere, where the winters are never harsh, and the harvest is plentiful.” The truth is, life never comes so easy, especially for myself. My history completely eludes even me.

I do get fragments. The only truly strong image of my past is the most beautiful sphere anyone could never imagine…this sphere is not at all smooth, but constantly working, the tinges of golden brass shifting its color, as countless gears turn…making its surface one clean, complete working device, the most beautiful device that I have ever seen.

Sorry, I apparently drifted off there for a moment, I shall collect myself.

I have so many blank spots to my memory. I work at times in my shop, lost to my thoughts, creating devices of which I can never truly know their purpose or reason: simply put, I don’t know what the hell they do. I can’t even say what year I was born, or even if it was in this world. In my best dreams I see wondrous devices from some other existence, then in my nightmares I see a masked man who seems more machine than human.

How I came in possession of the Luftsturm, that is another story, but all I know it holds great power if placed in the wrong hands…serious damage could happen to the timestream. I find that a well-armed crew can persuade most that taking the my ship is not quite worth their lives, but to only most. There are those so ruthless in their endeavors, they have no remorse for those they sacrifice to take what we hold. I trust my crew and they put their lives in my hands.

You probably think that a time-traveling airship would be safer destroyed, but there is something out there that keeps beckoning me, and there is a purpose for what keeps driving me onward.”

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Charles von Pippin, Commodore

The mutinied Commodore of a fleet of airships, Charles Von Pippin was thrown overboard and crash landed on the deck of the Luftsturm. Charles is well experienced in military strategy and has time traveled before. He is on a constant search for his former crew, his flagship the Timeless Arrow, and the man that shot him in the back and caused a permanent limp.

Adeline “Mayo” Snape, Engineer

An enthusiastic explorer and brilliant tinkerer in her own right, Adeline Snape was approached by Captain Steelman to come aboard the Luftsturm. Leaving her old life behind and journeying into the past, she learned what it meant to be a part of an airship crew. She was educated on the inner working of cold steam engines from Santo Ferrani, and helps keep Captain Steelman’s brain in order.

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Artemis Maxwell, Helmswoman

Photo credit: Han Cheung

Already having experience in stowing away on ships, Artemis hid away on a ship she thought would least suspect someone to sneak onto, not knowing what she was getting herself into: The Airship Luftsturm. Artemis acquired the position of the Helmswoman upon the Airship based soley on the fact that when she was finally discovered onboard, she was no longer in a place or time that she could even remotely recognize. Once learning of time travel, she bargained with the crew to be able to stay.

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Santo Ferrani, Cook and Blacksmith

Photo credit: Han Cheung

Notoriously known as “the Mad Blacksmith” of Boster Harbor, Santo Ferrani met the Captain of the Luftsturm during his 3 year sabbatical, joining the crew as designer, smith, and cook. He continues to voyage with the airship, much to the confusion of his apprentices, who don’t quite understand time travel. ( “3 weeks? But you just left this morning!” )

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Former Crew Members

Although no longer with the Luftsturm, these former crew still have adventures! Go to their facebook profiles to find out more!
Judge on Facebook
Layla on Facebook
Doctor Stark on Facebook
Lady Jade Summers on Facebook

  1. steampanda4444

    so coooool

  2. Darcy Watson

    Do you accept new members? Or is there a larger ‘fleet’ that has ‘ships’ for membership if your ship crew is not short staffed? My sister and I have done Star Trek clubs but we want to try something different.

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